Monday, February 2, 2015

another favorite playground

We spent time in the Pacific Northwest this summer and fall. Those evergreens are so enchanting-some of the tallest trees in the world that seem to stretch up to the heavens. There is definitely a part of my heart that lives out there. These above images are from time we spent at Sacred Groves a magical 10 acre forest sanctuary on Bainbridge Island in Puget sound.

In the fall we traveled across the country to the mountains of Western North Carolina where we collected kindling for the fire and snuggled in surrounded by the big hug of the smoky mountains. What an amazing playground for my girls! I have many fond memories of running and playing in the woods as a child- I learned so much about life in those woods near my home. Do you have a sacred place? Or maybe it is a secret?- I won't tell! 8)

The woods- majestic and strong- the trees hold us, hug us and help us breathe.

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