Sunday, February 8, 2015


“As with expeditions into the wilds when we have endured storms and rapids, cold and sleet, and sometimes lack of food, it is ultimately the good things we remember, not the bad.”
—Sigurd F. Olson

This quote came to me today and felt spot on. It is most difficult to have perspective when in the middle of a storm. These are photos of us exploring Bainbridge Island Washington over the summer. When I took these I was stressed and excited waiting for my husband to finish packing and travel across the country to meet us so we could settle down and explore new possibilities. I had been watching all three girls by myself for close to a month and it was wearing me out. When I look at these photos I see and remember the incredible nature we were surrounded by during that time and those mountains! When I saw the mountains they always calmed my anxious spirit and put things into perspective.

I find a daily gratitude to really help especially during tough times. And getting out into nature really eases my mind. Do you have habits or rituals that help support you when you are in times of trouble or just in general?

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